The Academy offers instructions on all levels. Expert Instruction from a Professional instructor in the ideal environment in which to take drum lessons. Flexible Customized for Any Age and Skill Level Instruction taught to all ages and skill levels from raw beginners to experienced players that want to bring their performance to a higher level.

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“Lessons with Eddie will last a lifetime. My time as a student with Eddie was incredibly impactful and he has been a huge part of my success as a well rounded professional musician. The fundamentals of technique, reading, groove, and musical history that I learned with Eddie have stuck with me and created a solid foundation for my playing and song writing." - Ethan Feinstein

About Eddie's Academy

At The Academy of the Sweet Beats we observe the highest quality private music lessons in the traditional setting and have built our studio to accommodate both online instruction and in studio. What distinguishes The Academy apart from most other is the quality of the instruction. Instructions are offered by experienced musicians that have performance experience as well. You'll learn how to play the right way; you'll see results faster; you'll receive excellent customer service; and you'll benefit from day one from our continual commitment to set you up with the best music lessons, period. Eddies Teaching Style is the true art form of playing drums. And Feel, which is the utmost importance whether it's a Paradiddle or a James Brown groove, it's got too feel good. Eddie Everett is a drum educator, and has been teaching drums for over fifteen years. He teaches every age of student, from seven-year old’s up to seventy, and all levels of experience, from beginner to advanced. He is on The Vic Firth Education Team. He also has thirty years’ experience performing live. Some of Eddie's highlights have been playing with Grammy award winner Brian Setzer and Rock-and-Roll Hall-of-Famer, Wanda Jackson. One of Eddie's projects is conducting interviews. He has interviewed drummers such as Earl Young, David Uosikkinen, and Byron Landham. The name of Eddie's teaching brand is The Academy of the Sweet Beats.


I have been lucky enough to play with Grammy award winning artist Brian Setzer and Rock n' Roll Hall Famer Wanda Jackson

Brian Setzer

The cool thing about playing with Brian was, When Asked “How Do You want me to approach your songs?” He Responded, “Just Rock!!!”

Wanda Jackson

I remember playing with Wanda at the 9:30 Club in DC. It was a sold out show, we were doing “Let’s Have A Party” and she forgot one of the lines, but I kept going. Wanda turned around and gave me the thumbs up. After the gig, she thanked me for doing the right thing.

Eddie With Gretsch Kit

Gretsch Drums have been good me. I play the Renown Maple Kit. Recently I have been excited about Ludwig drums. That is my goal this year, to get a Ludwig Classic Maple Kit. Last Christmas, I purchased a Ludwig Supraphonic Snare, and it easily the greatest snare I’ve ever played.


"I have the privilege of calling Eddie Everett my first ever private drum instructor and now long time friend. When I first started with Eddie I didn't realize that my CONFIDENCE on the drums would benefit as much as my technique and skills!" - Steve Iannettoni